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Hubert Roestenburg ‘German expressionist’ of Dutch origin

Being compared to van Gogh came early in the life of Hubert Roestenburg.  He was regularly referred to as, ‘the second van Gogh’.  Much to his dismay.  The young painter did not want to be second to anybody.  He even left The Netherlands in an attempt to ‘un-stick’ this moniker.

This extreme attitude towards maintaining his independence and originality also shows itself in the fact that he has avoided contact with other painters all his life.  He never visits galleries, museums or exhibitions of contemporary artists.  It was always his goal not to be influenced in his artistic activities, not even subconsciously.

In spite of this, his critics see a kinship with van Gogh, Goya, Marc Chagall, Kandinsky and Fanz Marc. The ladder being part of the German expressionist movement.  Many critics also see Hubert Roestenburg as part that German expressionist movement.  In fact many in the art-world consider Hubert Roestenburg to be the last surviving, still working, German expressionist painter.


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