Portrait Andrea

German Expressionism Portrait Andrea by Hubert Roestenburg Click image to enlarge

German Expressionism, Portrait of Andrea by Hubert Roestenburg

Hubert Roestenburg is known largely for his expressionist landscape paintings. However he has also, throughout his long career explored other genres, most notably portrait painting. The human condition has been Roestenburg’s main interest in life, both as a philosopher and as a painter. Some of his finest works are portrait paintings. Portrait of Andrea is an example of how Roestenburg’s portraits come alive through color and composition.

German Expressionism, a creative movement that started in Germany

German Expressionism refers to a creative movement that started in Germany before World War 1.  It reached its peak in Berlin, in the 1920’s. German expressionism is part of a larger Expressionist movement that took hold in north and central Europe. It encompassed other art forms such as cinema, architecture and off course painting.



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