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A sampling of what the press says about Hubert Roestenburg

“Comparisons with genres or schools are frequently invoked when reading reviews of Hubert Roestenburg’s work.  He is often said to belong to the Flemish Expressionists or to the German Expressionists.  His early work fits in with “Cobra”. In his landscapes and floral paintings one can clearly see that he has a lot in common with the famous Dutch painter van Gogh.  This is certainly true as far as tension and drama are concerned, but most of all van Gogh and Roestenburg share motivation.”

Chris Bergman

“Nowadays he is an International known artist.  It is hard to place his style into one of the current trends: besides ‘New Realism’ are also used ‘Expressionism’ ‘German Expressionism’ and ‘New Savage’.  His paintings are colorful and emotional – he paints landscapes, flower-pieces and human figures in a very light-intense and dramatic way.”

Münchner Merkur (German Newspaper)

“Hubert Roestenburg can be called an Expressionist. Color and colors are for him a means of manifesting his expressive spirit.  The physical world touches him less than power, speed and emotion.  Many in the world of art see similarities with van Gogh.  Both artists endeavored to represent, in a dramatic way, what they experienced around them. Both have in common the ability to express themselves through art

Art Critic
, 1992 (German Newspaper)

“Color is the starting point for an excursion through the wonderful world of Hubert Roestenburg’s paintings.  At the same time it’s the beginning of an analysis of the art of Hubert Roestenburg. Color in Roestenburg’s work is present as an explosion, as an eruption of violence and abundance, as a feast for the senses and the mind.  Color turns into a symphony, wide, or condensed into an intense harmony, stubbornly playing the artist’s very own melody which is inspired by his strong blood-flow.

Gazet van Antwerpen (Belgium Newspaper)

“Hubert Roestenburg, the Dutch Expressionist who has an exhibition in the Castle Pavilion at this moment is an Internationally known artist who has had exhibitions all over the world.     In the last few years the interest in his paintings has increased so much that his prices have risen very fast and they will probably multiply in the future.  Last year in Poland Roestenburg was paid 100.000 DM for one of his paintings, This year a Japanese lady, representing a big industrial at home, paid 250.000 DM for one of his paintings.  This trend will probably continue.”

Frankfurter Algemeine (German Newspaper)

Mentions of note, links to German news sites:

Expressionist painting donated to Synagogue by Hubert Roestenburg
At the re-opening of the restored Synagogue in Eidiger in 2009, the Dutch painter Hubert Roestenburg who lives in nearby Hontheim had already announced his gift.  The handing over of the expressionist painting has now taken place in the presence of Edith Aaron-Leeser the last survivor of the Jewish faith born in Eidiger.

Hubert Roestenburg, Expressionist painter settles-down in Hontheim
“I paint what moves me” he says. I not only want to live in the Eifel mountains, I also want to paint the Eifel mountains.

Women as Witches and Saints. Expressionist portraits by Hubert Roestenburg
The expressionist painter Hubert Roestenburg was born in The Netherlands but is seen by many as the lone survivor of the movement known as: German Expressionism. His colors set his paintings on fire.  Whether it’s the landscapes he paints or his portraits, Roestenburg seems like a snake-charmer letting the colors dance before your eyes..

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