Excerpt: DIE ZEIT, 1992, (German Newspaper) Piet J. van de Akker Art Critic. ----------------------- German Expressionism -------------------------------- Hubert Roestenburg prefers to work outside. He uses his palette knife just as often as his brush. The picture he sees is only a small part of what he puts on the canvas, the rest is pure emotion. Working for him becomes a séance. An explosive representation of spirit and feelings. His inner life expressed in colors. Hubert Roestenburg can be called an expressionist. Many in the world of art see similarities with van Gogh. In the last 35 years, Hubert Roestenburg has received international recognition. Exhibitions in Germany, Switzerland, England, Belgium, Italy, France, and Poland were great successes. Hubert Roestenburg may be seen as a the last living German expressionist painter. He represents the unadulterated, expressive and exhilarating “manifestation of self”. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ► Hubert Roestenburg in the news! Flower painting "Violet" unveiled in Boston U.S.A. Click to watch the video