Portrait Carolyne

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German Expressionism, Portrait by Hubert Roestenburg

Hubert Roestenburg, known widely for his exuberant expressionist landscape paintings, has also, throughout his long career explored other genres; among them nudes and psychologically penetrating portraits. Probing the human condition in portraits and self-portraits has produced some of his finest and most personal works. Portrait of Carolyn is an example of how Roestenburg’s portraits can be “hot” and “cold”, “close” and “distant” all at the same time.

German Expressionist Max Beckmann

once said: “Art is creative for the sake of realization, not for amusement: for transfiguration, not for the sake of play. It is the quest of our self that drives us along the eternal and never-ending journey we must all make.” Hubert Roestenburg takes himself and his journey just as seriously as his fellow German expressionist Max Beckmann, However Roestenburg can lose himself, free himself if you will, of all historical and societal constrains as he paints and produce paintings, portraits and landscapes, that sometimes can become delicate, almost whimsical, without losing their intensity.




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