Winter near Amsterdam

Hubert Roestenburg Winter near Amsterdam German ExpressionismClick image to enlarge

Hubert Roestenburg – Winter-Landscape 

From looking at Hubert Roestenburg’s entire oeuvre we must conclude that he is an expressionist, part of German Expressionism if we go by what the critics say.  However every once in a while Roestenburg puts down his palette knife and picks up a brush.  What happens then is astonishing.  He produces something that is intensely delicate and sweet.  It’s still unmistakably a Roestenburg, but the style seems to be an exciting new take on impressionism.  A man could paint all his live like this and be revered for it; for Roestenburg it’s an occasional excursion into an area of his psyche that deserves more traffic.

Winter-landscapes were never this colorful

This painting is from what Hubert Roestenburg’s calls his blue period.  What’s striking when we look at Roestenburg’s winter-landscapes is how colorful they are.  A white winter-landscape that bursts with color. The pure joy this painting evokes is more than palatable; one can be brought to tears looking at this work and not know why.



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