Alpenzicht Buching Halblech – German Expressionism

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German Expressionism – An early landscape painting by Hubert Roestenburg

Although Hubert Roestenburg stays remarkably consistent throughout his long painting career, he keeps exploring new territory. When we look at this earlier landscape painting, we see a stronger adherence to the German Expressionist tradition than in later years. If we compare this painting to two of the paintings on the right (s’Hertogenbosch and Eifel landscape), it is clear that the artist always has something in him that needs to be explored further.

This painting Alpenzicht Buching Halblech is the perfect midpoint where the past and the future are present. For Hubert Roestenburg the drive to explore is and has always been relentless. Whether it’s to settle and re-settle in different countries every few years, or his search for new ways to express himself through his painting, he never rests and his work is never done.


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