Winter in Vienna

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Hubert Roestenburg, Expressionist winter-Landscape

Hubert Roestenburg is clearly an expressionist, part of German Expressionism according to most critics.  However when we look at this winter landscape we see a lot more than expressionist influences.  Hubert Roestenburg who is Dutch and can trace his family history back 300 years, comes from a long line of landscape painters.  This winter landscape painting clearly carries in it the soul of van Ruysdael.

Color as a catalyst for a winter-landscape

Experts agree that some of Hubert Roestenburg’s most powerful works are winter-landscapes.  His command of the landscape elements, a few trees anchoring the composition, distant views that draw the eye, and a vast expanse of sky and clouds seem to always be present.  His use of color in snow landscapes is brilliant.  Although Hubert Roestenburg’s paintings lean towards abstraction, here we can squint our eyes and be transported to a magical winters day in Austria.  Like so many of Roestenburg’s paintings there is a certain “emotional duality” about them.  This landscape evokes a mood that seems to be both somber and light.  To some people’s eyes the ominous cloud cover is closing in, to others it’s retreating; the village in the distance might even experience a sunny break at the moment.

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