Eifel Summer

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German Expressionism in its most exuberant glory

Of all the German Expressionist painters, Hubert Roestenburg is probably the most exuberant.  He has been compared to Hemingway in his attitude towards his art and his life. This “lust for life” jumps of the canvas. In this painting, as in most paintings he has done in his later years, the mood is surprisingly light, but the usual intensity is there in full force. There is an urgency, not only in color, but more than ever in movement. It is as if Roestenburg is no longer content to let the spectator simply observe. Instead, the viewer is pulled in and forced to relive the experience that the artist underwent when he painted this truly spectacular landscape.

One critic has described viewing this painting as a kind of near death experience.  As “being pulled towards a bright light”.  Hubert Roestenburg’s paintings can have those kinds of effects on people; sometimes disturbing, at other times ecstatic, but always an experience that transforms and lives on.






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