German Expressionism - Eifel Landscape Hubert Roestenburg

German Expressionism – Eifel Landscape Hubert Roestenburg

Hubert Roestenburg Eifel Landscape German Expressionism


German Expressionism Eifel landscape Hubert Roestenburg

For Hubert Roestenburg the light in the Eifel mountain range in Germany has been a special light for painting.  Since the year 2000 he has lived on one of the Eifel heights.  In powerfully expressed colors he paints flowers and portraits but he likes landscapes the best.  His expressionist landscape paintings –close to abstract sometimes– captures the essential, the characteristic, the atmosphere of the environment.

His landscape paintings are always painted outside, al fresco.  It’s amazing how the colors change with the light.  If you look at them in a closed room, they have a strong impact, but if you take them out into the daylight, the colors really come alive.  They change, become more powerful, stronger, shine more intensely.  Their personality is different ones again.  In short, this exuberant palette-knife wielding magician bends light and molds color into something all his own.